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Dr B Kubicka | ,ClinicBe

Working with Jon is an absolute pleasure, he has become a major asset to my business. Jon's attitude to accountancy is very different to those I have experienced previously making the process throughout the year painless and dare I say it, fun! Jon's recommendations for easier workflow practices (Xero) has seen a fundamental difference in the way we manage the business from a financial perspective. Having access to numerous reporting options has enabled me to have a fuller understanding of what my business is doing and made it clear as to how I can make my business more profitable. Jon's guidance and training in this area has also been a very welcomed surprise and one that has been most valued. Nothing appears to be a problem and Jon's positive outlook and professional, yet laid back approach, is one that I can rely on. I can't recommend Jon highly enough. Thank you!

Dr B KubickaClinicBe