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Posted by Michael Foudy
Last updated 12th July 2021
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  • Whether you are just starting out or if you have been in business for years Orpington is an amazing community to start or nurture a business. Even in this globalized world location is still of the utmost importance. In this article, we unabashedly trumpet 10 great reasons to do business in Orpington.

    1. Amazing Train links to London.

    Typically, there are trains every 15 minutes that will take you to central London in 15 minutes. This means that attendees can come easily to your meetings in Orpington and you can get home from the West-End pdq!

    2. The Gateway to the Garden of England

    It’s just two miles to the greenbelt belt east of Orpington from where you can explore the exquisite beauty of Kent’s rolling hills, pastures green and multitude of historic sights.

    3. Education

    In addition to St Olave’s (ranked as one of the top three grammar schools in London) and Newstead Wood there are also a clutch of highly rated Ofsted Schools. Olympic medallist Dina-Asher Smith started out as a cross-country runner from Perry Hall Primary School

    4. Ease of Business

    The Federation of Small Business (FSB) recently voted Bromley as the most business-friendly borough.

    5. Orpington Running Club

    A great reflection on the wider Orpington community, this is the friendliest and most close-knit club. Up to 10 separate groups of Orpies in their ubiquitous marker-pen yellow can be found pounding the wide boulevards of the locality on a Tuesday night come rain or (moon) shine.

    6. Cuisine

    Orpington is fast developing a reputation locally for serving up a great range of high quality eateries. Your taste buds can’t fail to be tickled by the likes of Cow & Pig, Masala Dabbas and Osteria da Fabrizio. You can also dine at BR6 Restaurant, where local students put their culinary skills into practice.

    7. Affordable Housing

    Orpington house prices are 35% lower than the London average, leading to greater social mobility and proportionately more disposable income.

    8. Entertainment

    Orpington is host to large scale annual festivals like Big O Vintage and Priory Live Music

    9. History and The National Game

    Cray Wanderers can lay claim to being one of the oldest football clubs in in the world, established in 1860.

    10. Friendly

    If you believe business works best through local collaboration then the happy, friendly and gregarious Orpies can help you to grow your enterprise!

    And if you needed any further convincing that Orpington isn’t a great place to do business then Laxmi are just around the corner plying their own trade.

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